Silk Flowers

Create your own artificial floral arrangements with our silk flower stems. Huge selection from beautifully hand-crafted silk roses, silk hydrangeas, and other silk flower varieties. Or choose from our high quality wedding bouquets in numerous colors and styles for any season. Our beautiful flower bushes can be used to create elegant table centerpieces, arrangements, and potted floral plants to match any situation.

27" Handwrapped Artificial Viburnum Berry Spray -Green/Pink (case of 6)   CODE: HSB682-GR/PK 9.5" Handwrapped Rose Silk Flower Bouquet -Rose (case of 6)   CODE: HBQ326-RO 4" Handwrapped Calla Lily Silk Flower Boutonniere -Cream (case of 12)   CODE: HZL302-CR/GR 30.5" Artificial Peacock Feather Spray -Red (case of 24)   CODE: AA8001-RE 4" Silk Lotus w/Waterdrop Floating Flower -Lavender (case of 12)   CODE: AAF286-LV

20" Silk Gerbera Daisy & Poppy Flower Bush -Red/Orange (case of 12)   CODE: FBX929-RE/OR 27" Handwrapped Silk Annabelle Hydrangea Flower Spray -Delphinium Blue (case of 6)   CODE: JTH082-BL/DL 10" Artificial Lady Finger Grape Bunch -2 Tone Burgundy (case of 12)  CODE: VPG565-BU/TT 28" Silk Glittered Jeweled Poinsettia Flower Spray -2 Tone Red (case of 12)   CODE: XFJ479-RE/TT 30" Silk Medium Split Philodendron Leaf Spray -Green (case of 24)

9" Silk Rose Kissing Flower Ball -Burgundy/Pink (case of 2)   CODE: XDF280-BU/PK 36" UV-PROOF OUTDOOR BOUGAINVILLEA WINE/RED FLOWER BUSH (case of 4)   CODE: A-1023-AF