Outdoor Artificial Topiaries

Upgrade your backyard with beautiful outdoor topiary plants that last year-round. From artificial bushes for outdoors to topiary trees, our faux plants are designed to highlight the beauty of your outdoor space without requiring any upkeep. These outdoor artificial topiaries are perfect for those who live in drier climates, or homes that have the occasional pesky critter rummaging through their plants. Browse our products below and place your order now.

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How to Decorate Your Home With Artificial Outdoor Topiary Plants

When it comes to your backyard, you may have some extra space that just looks a little empty. That's where outdoor topiary plants can help spruce things up. But where do you even start, especially if you've never decorated with outdoor artificial topiaries before? Here are some ideas to begin:

  • Line one or more sides of your yard with a row of boxwood hedges.
  • Place two ball-shaped artificial outdoor topiary shrubs on both sides of a walkway. You can also add more by evenly spacing each plant for a more unique design.
  • Add artificial outdoor topiary trees with planters to your front or back patio.

Outdoor Topiary FAQ

Because there are many outdoor artificial topiaries for sale, shopping can be both exciting and very overwhelming due to all of the available options. Plus, some of these products may have features that other silk plants don't, so it's extremely important to do your research prior to purchasing. Below, we've provided some of the most common questions that we get about artificial topiary plants. Check out our answers to these standard inquiries or contact us today if you have any further questions.

Do You Sell Your Outdoor Artificial Topiaries in Packs?

Yes, we do! If you would prefer to buy packs of artificial outdoor topiary plants instead of an individual tree or bush, we sell some of our items in packs that include 2, 4 or even 6 faux plants.

Are Your Outdoor Topiary Plants Resistant to Certain Elements?

Yes, some outdoor topiary products are made to resist water or UV rays. However, some outdoor trees are UV-proof instead of UV-resistant. Unlike UV-resistant plants, UV-proof items prevent fading for at least 5 years and also have outdoor-resistant traits that keep the plant in its perfect condition when pelted with rain, snow or ice.

Do All Outdoor Artificial Topiary Trees Come With a Planter?

No, some of our artificial outdoor topiary trees do not include a planter. You must either buy a separate base or plant the tree directly into the ground.

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