4.3" Preserved Sphagnum Moss Ball-Shaped Topiary -Green (pack of 18)

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UPC0-33849-27859-0 Dominant colorGreen Potted or base includedNo Weight of each item0.23 lbs Weight of 1 pack4 lbs Shipping dimensional weight13.05 lbs
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Stunningly beautiful, this 4.3" preserved sphagnum moss ball-shaped topiary will never need a drop of water or pruning. Are you tired of your home decor items only lasting a season or two? Well, all of our preserved products are made from real plants and will last for years. Just mist occasionally and keep out of direct sunlight to maintain its natural texture and appearance. This authentic styled indoor preserved decor is sure to please and just one of our many preserved plants online. And... You'll get to cherish it for years!

Material breakdown: 100% Presvered Riccia Fluitans

  • Looks and feels real because it is real
  • This listing is for 1 pack. You will receive 18 items per pack, 3 items shown in picture.
  • Size - 4.3"
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Potted or base included:
Weight of each item:
0.23 lbs
Weight of 1 pack:
4 lbs
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Shipping dimensional weight:
13.05 lbs
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Are your product made out of silk?

Please note the definition of the word SILK in the title does not mean the item is made out of silk. Keeping to industry standards the word SILK is now used to describe that a flower or plant is artificially made and does not mean that the material used is silk. Materials used may depend on the quality and the final shape requirements of the flower head or leaves and may include but are not limited to polyester, nylon, PVC, latex, rubber, and silk.

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We do stock many product designed for exterior use. Although they do cost more, it's up to you to determine whether the cost of replacing a silk tree every year or two is worth the cost compared to one that is designed to never fade or deteriorate outdoors.

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UV-Proof in the title: A type of plastic material infused with UV inhibitors that is guaranteed to delay fading for a minimum of 5 years, (3 years for Arizona, Texas and Florida), and withstand the ravages of wind, rain, ice, snow, and people.

How are your product heights or sizes measured?

In keeping with industry standards, any flower, plant or tree that comes with a pot are measured from the bottom of the pot to the outstretched tip on the top. This simply means if you point the longest leaf or frond straight up, you measure the furthest most measurement. When we say an artificial tree is 6' high we are measuring from the bottom of the container or tree trunk to the top of the tree, extending the longest leaf or frond as we measure. For hanging baskets, for example, the length of the artificial flower or artificial plant is the longest hanging stem measured when it is fully extended. When we specify that a plant is 37" wide we measure the plant with the leaves or stems extended to the sides. Shaping these plants and trees will reduce the size.

Please note that plant and tree heights are approximate. As they are hand made taller plants may vary a few inches in height. Floral arrangements are more exact as these are pre-arranged and do not change shape after being created.

What's the difference between standard and handwrapped silk?

Most artificially made flowers can be classified as either being a standard polysilk flower or handwrapped. Standard polysilk flowers are the most common and vary from your common economical fake flowers to very realistic replicas. Handwrapped flowers, on the other hand, tend to all be very high quality as they are attached to wires and bundled together and wrapped with paper floral tape on the stem to create a bush or spray. Polysilk, on the otherhand, are wired with plastic coating.

How do I care for and maintain artificial flowers and plants?

We recommend that artificial floral arrangements and artificial plants be dusted much the same as you dust your home or office. Most artificial plants can be wiped with a moist cloth if necessary.

First test the plant with your tap water - remove one leaf from an inconspicuous portion of your artificial plant and rinse it with tap water then shake it out. After a few minutes, check the leaf to see if it's clean and the shine has returned. After your have tested your leaf, the best thing to do is to take the plant outside and dust it with a feather duster. This will remove most of the dust and prime your plant for cleaning.

Cover your pot and filler with plastic for protection from the water. Make sure your silk plant is on a clean surface near a water hose. Use the spray nozzle on your hose. Spray your plant thoroughly with a light spray. When you're done, shake it lightly to get most of the water off and allow it to dry in the sun for a few hours.

This is a good regimen to be done about ever 3 to 6 months. Between those times, we suggest that you use a good feather duster to keep your artificial plants looking fresh and new.

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Additional pictures shown may contain other items as a lot of our products are used in combination with other products when creating displays. You will only receive what's in the first image. Usually it's easy to find the item but if there's any question on what you are purchasing please free to contact us and provide the product code.

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