Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Silks Are Forever has the best selection of authentic-looking artificial fiddle leaf fig tree and rubber tree plants online! These gorgeous silk potted plants will never need a drop of water or any pruning. If you're looking for a truly lifelike silk fiddle leaf fig tree or rubber tree plant without all the work, peruse our wide selection of styles and sizes today!

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Liven Up Your Home with an Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

A silk fiddle leaf fig tree or rubber tree plant is the perfect way to bring the beauty of plants indoors — without the struggle of keeping them in tip-top shape through watering and pruning. Along with an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree, you can add other artificial trees and silk tropical plants to the mix to turn your home into a gorgeous greenhouse! Try these other popular silk plants:

Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree FAQ

Have questions about our artificial fiddle leaf fig tree and rubber tree plants? Read the answers below to learn more about some of our most popular products.

Do Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plants Come with Pots?

Yes, most of our artificial fiddle leaf fig tree and rubber tree plants come with a small pot at their base. You can then choose to place it in a larger, more decorative pot with an artificial filler to add to the impression of realness, or leave it as is. Some of our plants come with more decorative options already attached, so your silk plant is ready to be placed the moment it comes out of the package!

How Do I Care for a Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

The best thing about artificial plants and flowers is that there's no maintenance necessary! You won't have to water or prune this tree to keep it looking vibrant throughout the seasons and years. However, we do recommend keeping artificial fiddle leaf fig tree plants away from windows that let in intense, direct sunlight, as this can cause their leaves to fade over time. Aside from that, give them a light dusting every now and then and they'll last forever!

Where Can I Place a Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Rubber Tree Plant?

Anywhere! These vibrant, lifelike artificial plants are ideal for livening up any space, whether it's a residential, commercial or business property. The list below shows just a few of the many places you could place an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree:

  • Work office
  • Hotel lobby
  • Waiting area
  • Event center
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Enclosed porch or patio
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