Artificial Wreaths

Artificial wreaths look fantastic in the office, at a bed and breakfast above the mantel or on the front door to add that "Pop." Made from only the finest quality materials, an artificial wreath brings a comforting touch to any decor. Long-lasting beauty in every silk wreath means you can enjoy them for years to come. No watering or pruning needed, just your imagination for where to display these silk wreaths to give your space a touch of beauty.

Silk Wreaths for Any Occasion

Whether you're looking for silk wreaths designed as candle rings for your wedding reception or want a bright, festive holiday wreath, we've got you covered. Floral wreaths and greenery wreaths displayed on the front door are the choice for many to show hospitality to friends and strangers alike. Or, you can make the office feel more like home with beautiful artificial swags and teardrops. If you want a faux wreath that lasts a lifetime, you've come to the right place.

Add Ambiance to Your Home with Faux Wreaths

If you think faux wreaths are second-best, think again. Made with meticulous craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, Silks Are Forever designs artificial wreaths so lifelike you and your guests won't be able to tell the difference. Except that our wreaths never dry up and break apart, never need watering, and can be placed in any room of your home or outside it. Hung in your reading nook or displayed in your kitchen, artificial wreaths add a warm, comforting ambiance to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Wreaths

In the world of silk flowers, artificial wreaths, stems and so many other products, we take our fair share of questions and try to answer them all. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us.

If I Order a Candle Ring, Is the Glass Holder Included?

The glass candle holder is included in most of the candle rings we sell. Sometimes it’s a metal tray to hold your candle. If a holder is included it will be mentioned in the description! There are several styles to choose from, so you can select the one that suits you best.

Can I Put My Silk Wreath Outdoors?

You can, but be aware that it will shorten its lifespan. If you purchase artificial swags or other silks that are UV-Resistant, they'll last quite a bit longer. Direct sunlight will fade a silk wreath over time. But if you don't have it in direct sunlight — such as a shaded front entryway — you'll increase its life. Faux wreaths that are UV-Resistant will have delayed fading for up to one year. If they're UV-Proof, this number goes up to five years.

Can I Use a Spray Cleaner on My Artificial Wreath?

While you can use a gentle spray cleaner on your artificial wreath, you'll need to wipe it off quickly and completely using a microfiber cloth. If a cleaning agent is left on your artificial wreath too long, it could do damage. We recommend using a feather duster for regular cleaning. Then, every three to six months, test a small portion of your silk wreath with tap water and shake dry. Afterward, take your silk wreath outside and lightly spray with a hose before air drying.

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