Benefits of Artificial Fall Flowers & Decorations

Sep 16, 2021 Stephan Jupillat General


As the weather cools in many parts of the country, thoughts turn to fall decor. An integral part of any fall decorating theme is – or should be – fake fall flowers. Resplendent in all the shades of autumn, artificial fall flowers are a welcome addition to every room in your home. From earth tones to rusts, pumpkin orange to dusty rose (with a bit of purple and green thrown in), we'll discuss the colors of autumn and how they can easily be incorporated into your decor with some help from fall silk flowers.



What Are The Different Types Of Fall Silk Flowers?

Decorating your home in a variety of different floral configurations is definitely the way to go. By mixing and matching fake fall flowers in colors and textures, you can create a homey feeling that makes you go "ahhh" when you walk through the door at the end of a tough day. Here are some of the ways to floral up your autumn decor:

  • Bouquets: Bundle up bunches of fall silk flowers and place them in vases. Mix and match your bouquets with different colors and types to create an eye-catching look.

  • Artificial Autumn Berries: Add sprigs of fall berries to your floral arrangement or place them around your home for a warm and welcoming look.

  • Wreaths: Place one over the door and another over the fireplace. Get creative! A fall wreath is a symbol of welcome, so feel free to add one to an entryway. Theme your fall wreaths by room – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Use autumn hues with pops of color to create wreaths of artificial fall flowers that add a bright new touch to each room.

  • Garlands: Atop a doorway or over the banister, fall garlands add a cozy touch to any room. Decorated in fake fall flowers or leaves, ryegrass or even artificial corn, garlands are sure to attract attention and admiring glances.

  • Fall Fruits & Veggies: Fall decor would be incomplete without a pumpkin, a gourd or two and a handful of acorns. Using fake fall fruits and veggies means you won't have to worry about spoilage – these decorations will brighten your home year after year.

  • Foliage & Greenery: Spruce up your space with sprays of artificial fall flowers and decorations that can be placed in a vase, tucked behind a photo frame or tacked to the wall.



When Should I Start Decorating With Artificial Fall Flowers?

Traditionally, homes made the switch from summer to autumn about the time kids went back to school, which used to be the weekend of Labor Day. Although students return to the classroom earlier than in years past, many of us like to hold onto summer as long as possible. If you're a traditionalist who follows the rules of etiquette, you'll put away your white clothes and shoes on Labor Day. It seems appropriate to follow suit by decorating with fall silk flowers starting around Labor Day.



How Do I Decorate With Fake Fall Flowers?

First of all, decide if you're going for a traditional or modern vibe. If farmhouse style is your favorite (think mulled cider and corn stalks), your artificial fall flowers should reflect this. Choose classic autumn colors like rust and brown. For those who prefer a more modern look, consider sticking with earthy colors, like oatmeal or wheat, and contemporary hues, such as plum, dark red or black.



Why Are Fake Fall Flowers A Good Choice?

There are several reasons for choosing fall silk flowers over their live counterparts. As well as maintaining their color, when you select fake fall flowers, you'll get the following benefits:

  • You don't need a green thumb to make your home look amazing. Add pops of autumn colors without worrying about withering blooms or dried-up leaves.

  • It's easy to change out your fall silk flowers. Store each season in its own plastic bin and voilà! You just have to swap out one season for the next.

  • Pets who have a taste for live plants will leave them alone.

  • Got allergies? No scents, so no problem!



How Do You Get Creative With Fall Silk Flowers?

You're only limited by your imagination as far as what you can do with fake fall flowers! Here are a few ideas we love:

  • If you're having a dinner party (or even just an intimate dinner for two), top your napkin rings with artificial fall flowers.

  • Take a first or last initial and lay it out in flowers. Have it framed and hang it on your wall or gift it to another.

  • Place tiny artificial blooms in your ice cubes. This can be a festive addition to a fall fling or autumn get-together.



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