Special Advantages of Using Silk Wedding Flowers

Sep 15, 2021 Stephan Jupillat General


You're ticking off the items in your wedding planner. The venue is a done deal, as is the caterer. One of the next big items on your list is the flowers. The big question looms: "What kind of flowers should I use?" And while you might initially think you want to go natural, there are many unique advantages of silk wedding flowers that might make them the best choice for your special day.



Natural or Silk Flowers for Your Wedding: Which is Better?

It comes down to your personal preference. Some brides insist on real flowers. Indeed, real flowers are lovely, and their scent can be a nice addition to your wedding day. But there are some excellent reasons why silk flowers for weddings are a solid alternative.



Silk Wedding Flowers Are Available In All Varieties All Year Long

Suppose you're getting married in July and you have your heart set on a bouquet that includes anemone, camellias, or daffodils. In that case, you will pay more for the live version because these blooms are out of season. Fortunately, silk wedding floral arrangements are always in season, so you can choose the floral varieties you love without worrying about their availability.



Silk Flowers in Wedding Bouquets Won't Mess With Your Allergies

Unlike real flowers, silk wedding flowers won't have you or your guests sneezing your way through the wedding ceremony. While some natural flowers have a lovely scent, others give off a pungent odor that fails to bring joy to the party. Baby's breath and lilies are particularly controversial. Aside from allergies, some guests may complain the smell from these blooms puts them off their meal at the reception.



Artificial Wedding Bouquets Won't Wilt

Light and lovely, silk artificial wedding bouquets flowers maintain their look from the time they're unpacked at your venue until your wedding day is done — and for all the days thereafter. You don't have to worry about silk flowers getting smashed, broken, or wilted en route to your wedding, during the service, or at the reception. There are no petals to clean up at the end of the day, and silk flowers are lighter than live bouquets, making them a dream to carry up the aisle.



Silk Wedding Flowers Look Stunning in Photos

Wedding photo sessions can be long-lasting affairs. Live blooms can begin to look droopy after a while, particularly if you're taking shots outside in the hot summer sun. Silk flowers in wedding bouquets maintain their fresh look all day long. That's one less thing for you to worry about on your big day!



Silk Flowers For Weddings Are Forever

Your silk wedding flowers will endure far beyond the day you wed. These botanicals are permanent, and there are many things you can do with your artificial blooms to repurpose them for years to come:


  • Guest Gifts: Break down your floral arrangements and let your guests make their own bouquets to take home with them.

  • Create Centerpieces: Decorate your home with the silk flowers from your wedding.

  • Frame Your Flowers: Artificial wedding bouquets can be professionally framed as a lasting keepsake of your special day.

  • Make a Wreath: Decorate your door with a wreath created using your silk wedding flowers.

  • Donate Your Blooms: Hospitals, nursing homes and women's shelters are a few of the places that accept artificial flowers. Just imagine how the silk flowers from your wedding could brighten someone's day!



Planning on Using Silk Flowers For Your Wedding?

Just because you're using silk flowers doesn't mean you can wait until the last minute to plan. You should choose your silk wedding flowers months ahead of time to ensure you get exactly what you want–and so you don't have a last-minute scramble to put something together.



What Silk Flowers Should I Choose For My Bouquet?

The type of flowers you choose for your bouquet is a purely personal decision. Roses are a traditional choice, but if you prefer something more adventurous like amaryllis and tulips, go for it!



Besides My Bouquet, What Other Flowers Do I Need?

You'll have to choose a bouquet for each of your bridesmaids, the maid/matron of honor and the flower girl. The groom and groomsmen will wear boutonnieres. In addition, you'll need to consider where else you want to place your silk wedding flowers:

  • The Ceremony: The entryway, altar and aisle are traditionally bedecked with floral arrangements.

  • The Reception: Flowers add flair as the centerpiece on each of the tables. (If you're using candles, you can wrap silk flowers around the glass.) You can also include arrangements on the cake and gift table, food station, etc. Floral garlands are a nice touch and can be used to decorate pillars or entryways.

  • To Toss: If you are going the traditional route and plan to toss a bouquet, you'll want to use a smaller version of your own. Most brides don't want to give away their bridal bouquet, particularly if it's silk.



It's Never Too Early To Shop For Your Silk Wedding Flowers

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