Five Considerations When You Buy Fake Flowers for Your Wedding

May 23, 2022 General

Using artificial flowers for a wedding is a great option for couples concerned about price, consistency and sustainability. You can't go wrong with silk flower arrangements for weddings. This article will look at the advantages of fake flower bouquets and some considerations in selecting the best silk flowers for your walk down the aisle.

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How To Make Creative 4th of July Flower Arrangements Using Silk Flowers

May 22, 2022 General

The Fourth is celebrated with friends, fireworks and fun. Amidst the festivities, there's one more element to add – flowers. If you've never made your own 4th of July flower arrangements, it's never too late to try.

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Creating Beautiful Easter Floral Arrangements

Mar 24, 2022 Stephan Jupillat General

Easter floral arrangements fill your home with springtime vibes and signal that the Easter Bunny will be on his way soon. Easter is a fun holiday for decorating because of the combination of emerging flowers, warmer weather and, of course, the traditional Easter baskets. But nothing captures the splendor of the season like Easter flower arrangements.

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Get Creative With a Decorative Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Nov 3, 2021 General

Have you ever considered creating a Christmas tree decorated with flowers? In this article, we'll share artificial Christmas tree decorating ideas and how to incorporate silk flowers into your holiday theme.

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Benefits of Artificial Fall Flowers & Decorations

Sep 16, 2021 Stephan Jupillat General

As the weather cools in many parts of the country, thoughts turn to fall decor. An integral part of any fall decorating theme is – or should be – fake fall flowers. Resplendent in all the shades of autumn, artificial fall flowers are a welcome addition to every room in your home.

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The Advantages Of Silk Wedding Flowers

Sep 15, 2021 Stephan Jupillat General

What are the advantages of silk wedding flowers? Learn about silk flowers for your wedding, what floral arrangements you need to buy and ways to use your artificial wedding bouquets after the big day.

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Silk flower arrangements for dining room

Dec 6, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Are you looking for new ways to dress up the table for Thanksgiving? We can help. Give thanks for these fall silk flower arrangements for your dining room table.

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How To Shape Your Artificial Tree

Nov 19, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

If you're new to artificial trees and want to properly learn how to shape a fake tree, our guide can help. Learn how to shape an artificial tree in five quick and easy steps with this handy article.

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How To Insert Your Silk Plant Or Tree Into A Planter

Oct 29, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

When it comes to furnishing your space with silk plants, trees and flowers, your artificial plants must be properly maintained and cared for to bring out the most radiant decor in your home. That's where Silks Are Forever can help. Keep reading to find out how to secure artificial plants in pots and how our artificial plants can liven up your home!

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Christmas Artificial Flower Arrangements

Oct 16, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Ready to celebrate the holiday season with some beautiful Christmas decor? Look no further than Silks Are Forever! We take a look at some of the most elegant ways you can decorate with Christmas artificial flower arrangements during this magical time of year.

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