History of Silk Flowers And Silk Plants

Mar 16, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Have you ever wondered why artificial plants and flowers are often associated with silk? Discover the reason in this informative article.

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Recommended Spring Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Mar 9, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

If you are a springtime bride, consider yourself lucky because you have a plethora of seasonal flowers that you can use for your wedding flower arrangement. There are perfect pinks, soothing blues, and attractive purples—all of which make for a vibrant and cheerful bridal bouquet. Silk flowers are always in bloom and a few high quality artificial flowers can easily be added to any real wedding bouquet to add that last pop of color.

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How To Insert Your Silk Plant Or Tree Into A Planter

Feb 27, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

After you select the silk plant and planter of your choice, it's time to put the two pieces together for the final product. More often than not, you will have to do this homework yourself after it is delivered to you. If you are facing any difficulty, here's the complete guide you should follow.

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Jay Scotts Planter Preparation & Planting Instructions

Feb 21, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Our planters are designed for indoor or outdoor use. If you are using your planter indoors, you can plant directly in your planter, or you may want to keep your plant(s) in the original nursery pot(s).

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How To Clean Your Artificial Flowers, Plants and Trees

Feb 19, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Thinking of beautifying your home with artificial plants? Apartments and homes with gardens alike are increasingly using silk trees, plants and flowers to add several touches of green and infuse a nature-like environment in their indoor and outdoor spaces. While silk palms, plants and flowers instantly liven up the look of any area, they are also prone to dust and over time, may accumulate dirt and stains.

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How To Shape Your Artificial Tree

Feb 18, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

There are many reasons to buy an artificial tree for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Silk trees are low-maintenance options that look fresh and vibrant throughout seasonal changes. You will be saving the time and costs involved in otherwise watering and fertilizing real plants. There’s no pruning to worry about either. You can move them around the house as needed and update the look of your home or garden as you want.

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