Silk flower arrangements for dining room

Dec 6, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Are you looking for new ways to dress up the table for Thanksgiving? We can help. Give thanks for these fall silk flower arrangements for your dining room table.

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How To Shape Your Artificial Tree

Nov 19, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

If you're new to artificial trees and want to properly learn how to shape a fake tree, our guide can help. Learn how to shape an artificial tree in five quick and easy steps with this handy article.

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How To Insert Your Silk Plant Or Tree Into A Planter

Oct 29, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

When it comes to furnishing your space with silk plants, trees and flowers, your artificial plants must be properly maintained and cared for to bring out the most radiant decor in your home. That's where Silks Are Forever can help. Keep reading to find out how to secure artificial plants in pots and how our artificial plants can liven up your home!

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Christmas Artificial Flower Arrangements

Oct 16, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Ready to celebrate the holiday season with some beautiful Christmas decor? Look no further than Silks Are Forever! We take a look at some of the most elegant ways you can decorate with Christmas artificial flower arrangements during this magical time of year.

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How to Clean Silk Flowers, Artificial Plants and Trees

Sep 24, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Have you considered brightening up your home with artificial plants or trees? If so, you'll need to know the proper way to care for your plants. With our guide of useful tips, we'll tell you how to clean silk flowers, silk plants and trees quickly and efficiently!

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How to Make a Wall with Fake Greenery

Aug 29, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Looking for a beautiful, decorative piece that sets your space apart? A wall of fake greenery is just what you need! Roll up your sleeves and discover how to tackle this fun DIY project with our 6-step process.

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Recommended Spring Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Aug 15, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Planning a spring wedding? Get inspired with our recommendations for silk flower bouquets and faux flower arrangements. These picks are sure to brighten up any venue and make a wedding more memorable.

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Ways to Decorate with Silk Flowers Wholesale

Aug 1, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Getting ready to say "I do," and looking for decor inspiration? You can easily create beautiful pieces with fake flowers in bulk for weddings. Get ready to wow your guests with these great DIY ideas.

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History of Silk Flowers And Silk Plants

Jul 15, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Have you ever wondered why artificial plants and flowers are often associated with silk? Discover the reason in this informative article.

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Jay Scotts Planter Preparation & Planting Instructions

Feb 21, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

Our planters are designed for indoor or outdoor use. If you are using your planter indoors, you can plant directly in your planter, or you may want to keep your plant(s) in the original nursery pot(s).

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