Christmas Table Décor Ideas & Inspiration

Dec 1, 2022 Stephan Jupillat General


Christmas Table Décor Ideas & Inspiration

For some, planning Christmas table décor is part of the joy of the season. For others, it's a task that can feel as overwhelming as shopping for your entire list on Christmas Eve. Either way, if you're hosting Christmas dinner, you've gotta set the table.

Christmas table decorations can make the meal more enjoyable and enhance your guests' experience. The good news is that your Christmas table décor doesn't need to be complicated or stressful. Keep reading for Christmas table décor ideas from Silks Are Forever that will help capture the holiday spirit for you and your dinner attendees.


Remember This About Christmas Table Décor

There's only one hard and fast rule about Christmas table décor – it should increase the enjoyment of the food and company. When planning your Christmas dinner table decorations, you should steer clear of scented flowers, greenery and candles. As fabulous as arrangements and candlelight can make a holiday table look, strong scents will overpower the delicious aromas of food, detracting from the dining experience.

High-quality faux greenery and Christmas arrangements will not only look as good as the real thing and last many years to come, but you also never have to worry about competing smells or triggering anyone's allergies.


Christmas Table Décor Tips for a Masterful Centerpiece

Whether your decorating tastes lean elaborate or minimal, here are a few Christmas table décor pointers to help you start planning.

First, use a mixture of heights but nothing too tall. If you are using Christmas holiday flowers or tabletop Christmas plants, cacti or trees, they should be under 12 inches.

Distributing tealight candles will add varying dimensions and make your Christmas table more visually interesting.

Likewise, a Christmas garland runner interspersed with tall taper or pillar candles is a beautifully simple Christmas tablescape that accommodates conversation and any color palette. It's easy to layer on extra touches of Christmas spirit, like pinecones or ornaments that complement your color scheme.

Also, keep your centerpiece in shape. If your Christmas table is round, stick to one proportional centerpiece with smaller accents. Some easy Christmas table decorations that are well suited for round tables are:

  • Christmas wreath. Place a large glass cylinder vase holding a candle inside the wreath, and add ornaments or Christmas berries to the greenery.

  • Cake stand. Don't forget to vary the heights and sizes of what you place on the stand. You could use mugs filled with walnuts and Christmas greenery, along with pomegranates, clementines and kumquats.

  • Circular tray. Three pillar candles of different sizes, pine stems and ball-shaped topiaries or ornaments can combine for a simple Christmas tablescape.

These can be adjusted for a square or rectangular table by placing three wreaths side by side to create a runner or swapping out the round tray for one the shape of your table.


Elegant Christmas Table Settings

What makes for elegant Christmas table settings? It's all in the details – but not too many details. Elegance is richness with restraint. Here are some Christmas table-setting ideas to help you achieve it.

  • Choose a color palette. Whether you prefer a modern, monochromatic Christmas table setting or traditional red, white and green, staying within a combination of colors is more visually pleasing.

  • Add layers and textures. Although using a tablecloth, runner or charger is unnecessary, these decorative elements will add formality and refinement to your Christmas table setting.

  • Incorporate Christmas swags and teardrop swags by hanging them on chairs.

  • Wow your guests with a centerpiece of tabletop trees and Christmas topiaries. Or cover simple Christmas table decorations, like ornaments and greenery, with a glass cloche.

  • Add Christmas candle rings, napkin rings and place cards.


Browse the Silks Are Forever Christmas Collection for More Christmas Table Décor Ideas

Hopefully, you are inspired and have Christmas table décor ideas to use the next time you host a holiday dinner. Make it easy with our high-quality Christmas collection of artificial flowers, greenery and more. With year after year of use, Silks Are Forever is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Set the table today!