Creating Beautiful Easter Floral Arrangements

Mar 24, 2022 Stephan Jupillat General


Creating Beautiful Easter Floral Arrangements: 5 Easy Easter Floral Arrangement Ideas Using Faux Flowers

Easter floral arrangements fill your home with springtime vibes and signal that the Easter Bunny will be on his way soon. Easter is a fun holiday for decorating because of the combination of emerging flowers, warmer weather and, of course, the traditional Easter baskets. But nothing captures the splendor of the season like Easter flower arrangements.

There are so many beautiful Easter flowers to choose from — where do you begin when creating Easter floral arrangements at home? This article will share some charming, simple, creative, spring-ready faux Easter floral arrangement ideas that you can make yourself with silk flowers for Easter from Silks Are Forever.


Best Spring Blooms for Easter Flower Arrangements

Many Easter flowers are popular because the flowers have special meanings. Spring flowers that bloom between March and April are used as Easter flower decorations due to their special significance for the holiday. Select your favorites and fashion them into Easter flower centerpieces to add a touch of spring to your holiday decor.

Here are some of our favorite seasonal blooms and Easter floral arrangement ideas to help you create a festive home.


Easter Lilies

With a name like Easter lilies, it's easy to see why they are the quintessential bloom for Easter floral designs. White is associated with innocence and holiness and adds elegance to your Easter floral centerpieces. Arrange them in robin's egg blue decorative vases or baskets.



When you see those first yellow buds, you can't help but feel happy! Add the exuberance of forsythia to your Easter floral arrangements by placing branches of varying heights in a large metal watering can surrounded by potted crocus. Silk forsythia can be shaped into a wreath for a pop of yellow that brightens any room.



Tulips represent rebirth and new beginnings, making them extremely popular for Easter flower centerpieces. They are available in close to 6,000 cultivars ranging from bright spring colors to delicate pastels, so finding tulip colors to complement your decor is easy. Arrange them in terracotta pots topped with moss, crystal vases or mason jars filled with jelly beans, depending on your mood.



Daffodils also symbolize rebirth and are sometimes referred to as Lenten Lilies. It's no surprise that these perky flowers are among the most popular Easter flowers. Create a flower arrangement for your Easter table by pairing them with gerbera daisies and tulips.


Baby's Breath

These tiny flowers pack a lot of punch whether they are used alone or combined with other beautiful Easter flowers. Try placing sprigs of baby's breath in a wire basket with speckled wooden eggs and a plaid bow for a sweet Easter floral arrangement.


Cherry Blossoms

If you prefer your Easter flower decorations simple and elegant, line up branches of cherry blossoms on a cloth runner down the center of your table. Tuck a few solid white bunnies or little birds in along the way for some unexpected cuteness.


Top Five Easter Floral Arrangement Ideas

When you combine beautiful Easter flowers with unique vessels, unexpected vase fillers and distinctive shapes, your Easter flower arrangements will really stand out. It's easy to DIY these five Pinterest-worthy Easter floral arrangement ideas:

  1. Fill a clear glass vase with Easter eggs or marshmallow PEEPS®, then add your favorite Easter flower decorations and a bow.

  2. Hang a flat-sided bucket on the front door, fill it with tulips and accent with a gingham bow.

  3. Choose flowers in a single hue, arrange in decorative vases and place them in a row down the middle of your table for casual Easter floral centerpieces.

  4. Attach plastic Easter eggs to a topiary to add seasonal interest to your covered porch.

  5. Embellish a moss-covered cross with pale pink tulips tucked inside a simple white bow.

And while you are considering Easter floral arrangement ideas, don't forget to create a corsage for your favorite lady to wear to Easter Sunday church services.


Easter Bouquet Ideas for Gifting

If you are visiting family or friends, you may be looking for Easter bouquet ideas instead of more formal floral arrangements. Combining spring flowers with holiday-themed ribbons creates a festive, quick and easy-to-transport gift that can be appreciated year after year. Or, wrap the Easter bouquet's stems in burlap and secure with a vintage pin or piece of lace.


Make Your Easter Floral Arrangement Ideas a Reality

Creating modern Easter floral arrangements is a beautiful and easy way to prepare your home for the holiday and beyond. Silks Are Forever is your best online resource for faux flower arrangements, individual stems and accessories for professional-quality Easter floral designs. Browse our beautiful Easter flowers and start designing today!