Christmas & Glittered Holiday Flowers

Silk Christmas flowers are often the missing link that turns average Christmas decor into something spectacular. Silks Are Forever carries virtually all available styles of Christmas flower decorations, including Christmas flower balls, Christmas tulip stems, and gold and red glitter poinsettias. Our artificial Christmas flowers are ultra-realistic and just as beautiful as the most expensive fresh flowers on the market. Best of all, they won't wilt, wither or die, which means you can enjoy them year after year. Browse our selection of artificial Christmas flower decorations online today.

How Do I Make My Silk Christmas Flowers Last?

Artificial Christmas Flowers from Silks Are Forever are beautiful. Even better, they can maintain their vibrant good looks for years because, unlike live Christmas flower decorations, these faux flowers never need to be pruned, watered or fertilized. Just take care to limit their exposure to intense, direct sunlight, and they’ll retain their vivid colors for a long time. Also, an occasional light dusting will ensure your fake flowers look exactly like the real thing.

5 Creative Ways to Use Silk Christmas Flowers

  • Some people use artificial Christmas flowers to decorate their Christmas trees with stunning results.
  • Poinsettias in the middle of a table are classic and form the centerpiece of many traditional Christmas flower decorations.
  • Few things are more romantic than a holiday wedding. Make your celebration even more memorable with one of our Christmas bridal bouquets.
  • A well-crafted artificial Christmas flower arrangement or two on your porch or outside your front door establishes an inviting and festive atmosphere for guests who come to your house during the holidays.
  • Spruce up a Christmas wreath with some colorful flowers and sparkly garland to add pop to your home’s entryway.

Are Your Silk Christmas Flowers Actually Silk?

Nope. "Silk," as we use it on Silks Are Forever, is a standard industry term that applies to the synthetic materials used to craft artificial Christmas flower decorations. These synthetics include polyester, nylon, PVC, latex, rubber and others. When blended together, they replicate all the lifelike nuances that make live plants so attractive!

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