Fall Plastic Pumpkins and Plastic Gourds

Decorate your home or office for autumn with our artificial pumpkins and gourds! Our artificial fall fruits and fake fall veggies are great for creating seasonal centerpieces or displays for your desk or coffee table. Looking for artificial pumpkins to get your space into the Halloween spirit? We have plenty to choose from in our Halloween Collection as well! Check out all of the artificial gourds, pumpkins and more from Silks Are Forever to find a stunning piece of decor that lasts a lifetime.

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Artificial Pumpkins and Gourds to Help You Bring Fall Indoors

Autumn is a season loved by just about everybody - all of the beautiful fall foliage comes out and Halloween kicks off the holiday season! While bringing real gourds and fall plants into your home can be fun, you're lucky if they last the season. That's what makes fake gourds so great - you can use them season after season for fun displays that never rot. On top of plastic pumpkins, you can find the following plastic gourds here at Silks Are Forever:

  • Acorn Gourds
  • Crooked Neck Gourds
  • Edged Gourds
  • Gooseneck Gourds
  • Turban Squash

FAQs for Artificial Pumpkins and Gourds

Before you choose artificial fall fruits or fake fall veggies from our selection, you may have a couple of questions about our products. Read answers to some of the most common questions we receive about artificial pumpkins and gourds, or visit our full FAQ page for more information.

What are Your Artificial Pumpkins Made of?

Our artificial gourds and pumpkins are generally made of styrofoam and plastic, as well as burlap and other synthetic materials depending on the style. Some of our fake gourds are quite realistic, while others have metallic paint, rustic textures or sequins for an extra pop of fun. No matter the style, we use the materials that will help us achieve the highest degree of botanical accuracy or aesthetic appeal.

Can I Buy Single Products?

The biggest goal at Silks Are Forever is to provide you with the best artificial pumpkins, gourds and other silk plants and flowers at the lowest prices. As such, items must be purchased in the pack amount designated in the product listing.

How Do I Care for Plastic Pumpkins and Gourds?

Easy! Because our fake gourds and other fall veggies aren't living, they don't require any maintenance outside of the occasional dusting. We also recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight to prevent them from fading, and to only place them in indoor or enclosed areas where they won't be exposed to weather.

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