How to Choose the Right Artificial Silk Trees

Aug 31, 2022 Stephan Jupillat General


How to Choose the Right Artificial Silk Trees

Are you looking to purchase artificial silk trees for your home or business but aren't sure where to start? We're here to help with some tips for finding the best faux tree for your space.

Artificial silk trees are a great way to spruce up an office, living room and more. The best faux trees will be made with high-quality materials and offer an authentic look. Read on to find out how to choose the right artificial silk tree for your needs.


Where to Buy Artificial Trees That Look Like the Real Thing

First, you may be wondering where to buy artificial trees that look real.

Although faux trees have come a long way in terms of materials and overall quality, some artificial tree manufacturers still make cheap and fake-looking plants. You'll want to steer clear of those and plan to invest in higher-quality artificial silk trees that have varied colors, shapes and textures.

Realistic artificial trees are not only incredibly lifelike but can also last for many years. It's money well spent when you buy from the best.


Where to Place Artificial Silk Trees

Before making an investment in high-quality silk trees, have a plan for their location. Don't just buy a tree you like and hope it looks great. Some things to consider:

  • Indoors or outdoors? Yes, you can use artificial silk trees outside. Just keep in mind that you need to find faux trees made for outdoor use. Outdoor trees have UV protection and are made to handle the elements.

  • Size. Do you need to fill in empty floor space? Bamboo trees, ficus trees and palm trees are all great choices. Or are you looking for something smaller to go atop a desk or table? Bonsai trees, dracaena and yucca trees and faux olive trees come in smaller sizes that may work.

  • Lighting. No, faux trees don't require light, but they should be placed in the same type of conditions that a real tree needs to survive to help it look realistic.

  • Décor. How will your new artificial silk tree look in the space you have in mind? Do you want to match the furnishings by bringing in some color? Flowering trees feature citrus fruits and beautiful flowers like roses and hibiscus, adding vibrant colors if desired.


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Take a Measured Approach When Buying Faux Trees

Now that you have an idea where to put your faux tree, it's time to ensure the fit will be correct. To do that, you must measure.

The artificial tree's height should be no less than half but not taller than two-thirds of the room's height. Don't forget to add a few inches to account for the planter. Also, check that the width of the space matches the proportions of the faux tree you're planning to purchase. You don't want to buy a tree that's the perfect height only to realize it's too voluminous to fit in the corner you had in mind.


Go Faux With Artificial Silk Trees From Silks Are Forever

Still wondering where to buy artificial trees that are beautiful and authentic? Silks Are Forever has an incredible selection of high-quality, realistic artificial trees. We make it easy to find the best faux trees for your style and space. Browse our artificial silk trees today!