Learn How to Shape a Fake Tree in Five Simple Steps

Nov 19, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

There are many reasons to buy an artificial tree for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Silk trees are low-maintenance options that look fresh and vibrant throughout seasonal changes. And, unlike maintaining real plants, you don't have to worry about watering or fertilizing, meaning you save time and money.

However, there's one initial task that you will need to complete once your boxed silk tree arrives at your home or office: shaping. All artificial plants and trees require some amount of shaping to look natural before they can be positioned in their intended spaces.

If you're new to silk plants and want to learn how to shape a fake tree, we have five steps to help.

How to Shape An Artificial Tree in Five Steps:

  1. Fortunately, shaping or pruning a silk tree is fairly simple. But, before you can start shaping a fake tree, you'll want to begin by unpacking and unwrapping the silk tree carefully from the box. After unpackaging, you can throw away the packing materials, ties or plastic used for packing and shipping the tree (unless you need the materials).

  2. It is possible that some branches have twisted during the packing process or while shipping to your home. Make sure you gently untwist these branches into the right position when shaping a fake tree.

  3. Because there will most likely be at least one silk tree branch that is facing right side up, you'll have to know how to shape a fake tree branch neatly. Pull the affected branch or branches down gently, then begin your visual inspection and start working from the base of the tree. This is the right way to go about shaping a fake tree branch:

          a.  Using one hand, hold each branch of the tree near the tree trunk for support. Using the other hand, shape the branch, curving it downwards to mimic the look of a real tree.

          b.  Once you have shaped the main stem of the branch how you like, you can shape the twigs. Arrange the leaves so that they look naturally spread out on the branches.

          c.  Now, shape the branches of the tree to curve upward at the trunk and downward at the end of the branch, similar to a real tree.

  4. Make your way upward towards the top section of the tree. Shape the layers of the branch downwards, ensuring that they stay in place.

  5. Step back and visually inspect your tree. There could possibly be a few gaps between the branches. Arrange those branches to fill the holes and enhance the look of your artificial tree.

As an extra step, you can make further modifications by pruning a silk tree branch or leaves to get an even more realistic look for your artificial tree. However, we recommend this for more experienced silk plant owners and suggest that pruning be kept to a minimum.

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