How to Make a Fake Greenery Wall in 6 Simple Steps

Aug 29, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

How to Make a Fake Greenery Wall in 6 Steps

Faux greenery wall decor is trending in a big way — and it's surprisingly easy to recreate yourself! When you make an artificial greenery wall full of faux plants and garlands, you can flex your decorative skills to create a unique focal point for your space. If you want something more than a standard piece of wall art to liven up a room, keep reading to learn how to make a fake plant wall.

Article Contents:

  • What Is a Faux Greenery Wall?

  • 6 Steps to Create a DIY Faux Greenery Wall

  • Fake Greenery Wall Maintenance


What Is a Faux Greenery Wall?

A fake greenery wall is a vertical garden system that uses interlocking artificial plant panels to form a decorative display. They are typically assembled in sections and attached to a wall or other surface.

High-quality faux greenery wall decor is a low-maintenance and long-lasting decorative feature that adds visual interest and lushness to your home, business or event space.


6 Steps to Create a DIY Faux Greenery Wall

We've broken down how to make a fake plant wall to help you create an attractive, low-maintenance and affordable decorative piece for your space.


1. Pick a location

One of the best things about decorating with a fake greenery wall is it looks good just about anywhere. No matter the location you select, a DIY faux living wall is the perfect statement piece for your home, office or event space.


Indoor Locations for a Faux Greenery Wall

If you're hoping to spruce up an indoor setting, look no further! A DIY fake plant wall can add just the right finishing touch to your home. It adds beauty to a living room, kitchen or anywhere else you entertain and spend time. Make it a party to remember with a fake greenery wall — they are perfect for bridal showers, birthday parties and more.

Perhaps you want to liven up your business with some decorative flair. An artificial greenery wall makes for a beautiful statement piece in an office setting. You can use a DIY faux greenery wall to create an indoor oasis that can provide a sense of relaxation to an otherwise stressful environment.


Outdoor Locations for a Faux Greenery Wall

Faux greenery wall decor isn't just for the indoors! A DIY fake plant wall makes a statement as it greets your guests when installed next to your front door or on a covered porch. It's a great way to welcome people into your living space and leave a lasting impression. Be sure to select outdoor artificial plants if the artificial greenery wall will be subjected to the elements.

A faux greenery wall is also a virtually maintenance-free way to add a tropical vibe to your patio or deck.


Event Locations

Create buzz and a swoon-worthy Instagrammable destination at your event when you create a custom DIY faux greenery wall. Whether setting up at a convention, bridal show or craft fair, an artificial greenery wall sets you apart from the crowd.


2. Measure Your Space

After selecting the location for your DIY artificial greenery wall project, it's time to get planning. Using a yardstick, measure the area you have in mind on the wall. This will help you determine the precise dimensions for your fake greenery wall. It will also be a reference point when you get supplies and start creating.


3. Gather Supplies

Before you start making your artificial greenery wall, you need to have the proper tools and decorative materials on hand. We recommend the following supplies for your DIY faux greenery wall:

  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Frame with a backside attached to it or a piece of plywood cut to the proper size based on your measurements
  • French cleat cut to the appropriate size for your frame or plywood
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1-inch thick pink insulation
  • Artificial moss
  • An assortment of silk flowers, succulents and garlands
  • Floral pins
  • Dried wood (optional)


4. Build the Artificial Greenery Wall Frame

Using your screwdriver, attach your French cleat to the back of your frame or plywood. Then, take your hot glue gun and attach the pink insulation to the front side of the structure.


5. Create Your Faux Greenery Wall

This is the fun part! Glue the faux plants, greenery and artificial moss to the fake living plant wall frame. This will create your primary landscape, which you can arrange as you see fit. An artificial plant mat is a quick and easy way to add greenery to your DIY fake plant wall.

Once the faux living wall is completely covered, add your silk flowers and other decor using floral pins and your hot glue gun.


6. Make Sure Your DIY Faux Greenery Wall Is Secure

After the glue dries, use your fingers to gently wiggle the attached pieces to make sure they can't be easily pulled off. If the pieces seem loose, secure them to the fake greenery wall with more glue and floral pins. Once everything is fastened securely and looks good, screw or tie the frame to the wall surface. Take care when you do this so you don't damage the wall.


Fake Greenery Wall Maintenance

Once you know how to make a fake plant wall, you can enjoy it for years. Unlike live plants, faux greenery wall decor requires very minimal upkeep. You don't need to be an expert green thumb to keep them in tip-top shape. A DIY artificial greenery wall never needs water or fertilizer, won't cause allergies, doesn't require sunlight and — best of all — won't die! Ultimately, you'll save a lot of time and money when you make your own artificial greenery wall.


How To Make a Faux Greenery Wall Look Like New

Occasionally, you should dust your DIY fake plant wall to keep it looking its very best. Wipe smooth leaves with a damp cloth every now and then to remove any dirt. That's all. It's that simple!


Create a Gorgeous Fake Greenery Wall With Artificial Plants from Silks Are Forever

Now that you know how to make a faux greenery wall, it's time to start designing your own. The decorative possibilities are endless when you buy silk flowers and greenery for your DIY fake plant wall from Silks Are Forever. When you choose our high-quality artificial plants and silk flowers, you can create a faux greenery wall to be proud of. Shop for supplies for your DIY faux greenery wall today!