12 of Our Top Picks for Spring Wedding Arrangements and Bouquets

Aug 15, 2019 Stephan Jupillat General

If you're a springtime bride, you have a plethora of seasonal flowers that you can use for your wedding flower arrangement. There are perfect pinks, soothing blues and attractive purples---all of which make for a vibrant and cheerful bridal bouquet. But, if you wish to save money (and avoid any allergies), you should consider using silk flowers or other faux flower arrangements for your wedding.

Silk Flowers That Are Perfect For Spring Brides

With all of the gorgeous options available at Silks Are Forever, it might be hard to narrow down your picks. Here are a few suggestions for colorful flowers that can complement a spring wedding.

Garden Roses

Roses are known for their sweet fragrance, dense blooms and light coral color. Silk roses are commonly used in silk flower bouquets, but you can also add silk rose stems to a real bridal bouquet as well.


Peonies are great blossoms for any springtime wedding. With options that include pink, white, red or garnet flowers, you can create the perfect faux flower arrangement for any wedding between April and June.


If you're shopping around for wholesale silk flowers, ranunculus flowers are one of the most affordable options. They're appealing, long-lasting and have distinguishable paper-like petals that make them a perfect ingredient for a charming spring bridal bouquet or boutonniere.


With as many as three-thousand varieties, tulips are considered to be one of the most adored flowers in the world. Whether you choose traditional tulips or silk flowers for your wedding, you'll have many colors and options to choose from.


Known for being filler flowers, eucalyptus is available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors which can be used to enhance beautiful silk flower bouquets or other faux flower arrangements.


Plumosa are another amazing green filler option for bouquets. Because they resemble short pine needles, plumosa flowers can give your bridal party bouquets a unique look and texture.


Ferns have traditionally stood as a symbol for sincerity and fidelity, so adding them to your bouquet would lend a meaningful accent to your wedding.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are perfect for springtime weddings. With delicate petals that come in vibrant hues of purple, red, white and pink, sweet peas can make for the perfect addition to faux flower arrangements.


Astilbe flowers grow in elongated shapes and come in a variety of wonderful shades like cream, dark red and pale pink. The feathery flowers of astilbe flowers can add a unique accent to any silk flower bouquet and create a cascading effect.


Available in shades of blush, cream and white with an ability to accent almost any shade, majolica flowers are a beautiful addition for bouquets. They've also become a wedding bouquet and decor staple over the years.

Viburnum Berries

Viburnum berries come in a variety of colors ranging from orange and bright red to deep blue and green. And, since there aren't many blue flowers available, the deep indigo shade of viburnum berries can make any faux flower arrangement truly unique.

Privet Berry

Privet berries are commonly seen in California and come in shades of blue and green. Adding them to your silk flower bouquet along with blooms and tie-in ribbons will certainly add volume, texture and color to your entire arrangement.

Silk Flower Bouquet Ideas For A Blooming Wedding

If you happen to purchase any of the flowers mentioned above, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild as you're arranging them. Since there are many different combinations of flowers to choose from, here is a quick rundown of a few ideas to craft the most beautiful and extraordinary silk flower bouquets:

Use Lush and Loose Springtime Blossoms

Bringing together pink sweet peas, peach ranunculus, coral charm peonies, white garden roses and eucalyptus greenery can create a vibrant and lush faux flower arrangement. You can even slip in a few pink and white dahlias to enhance its reddish to pinkish appeal.

Consider An All-in-One Combination Of Fake Succulents For Your Arrangements

You can create a fresh take on fake succulent plants by pairing the richest of the lot together. One way to create touching silk flower bouquets is to combine pink peonies, cherry red ranunculus and a few sprays of silver dollar eucalyptus.

Bring the Same-Color Family Together

Mixing silk flowers from the same color family, but with different hues, can make any bridal bouquet look chic and vibrant. Pairing peonies, ranunculus, astilbe, garden roses, sweet pea, plumosa and pink majolica will create a pretty-in-pink flower arrangement that will make everyone say "wow."

Play With the Whites and Greens

There's nothing wrong in creating a wedding bouquet or silk flower corsage that contrasts your wedding gown. For example, you can knot up a verdant bouquet featuring viburnum, ferns, tulips, spirea, garden roses, privet berry and eucalyptus to pleasantly contrast a regal blue gown or use vibrant flowers in the same shade range to offset an ivory gown.

Experiment With a Rustic Appeal

You can go beyond the usual and create more rural yet elegant silk flower bouquets that showcase some really extraordinary blooms. One way that you can do so is by creating an arrangement of roses, sweet pea and Queen Anne's lace to craft a beautiful mix of cream, peach and white.

Tips to Create a Beautiful Faux Flower Arrangement

There is a lot of hard work involved in creating an arrangement of wedding flowers that complement your style and personality perfectly. However, with patience and careful planning, you'll be able to create elegant faux flower arrangements that light up the room. Before you start picking out silk flowers for your wedding, here are a few tips that can help:

Do Your Research

From silk flower bouquets filled with beautiful sweet peas, to a few stems of roses, there are a variety of options available. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so make sure that you spend plenty of time researching the different faux flowers that you can use and the kind of supplies you will need. This will show you different perspectives and allow you to create your own style.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

While it may be tempting to choose flowers that are readily available in the local market, these flowers can be a little expensive. If you wish to make your bouquet or flower arrangement on a budget, you should explore the idea of using fake flowers in bulk for your wedding. And if you want to create silk flower bouquets or other faux flower arrangements, we have many wholesale silk flowers to choose from!

Keep It Simple

Whether you are combining single-colored or multicolored flowers for your faux flower arrangements, try to keep things as simple as possible. Choose color combinations that are pleasantly vibrant and complement each other. And, most importantly, be sure to keep your wedding dress in mind while choosing the blooms for your silk flower bouquet and arrangements so nothing clashes. By following these ideas and tips, you can create the most gorgeous bridal party bouquets and faux flower arrangements for a beautiful wedding that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Find A Beautiful Selection of Wholesale Silk Flowers for Spring Weddings at Silks Are Forever

We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful, and since there are many silk flowers to choose from, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. But you don't have to! The team at Silks Are Forever are dedicated to helping you create the perfect faux flower arrangements that meet your specific needs. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to creating your silk flower bouquets, or if you have any other questions, contact us today. We're always more than happy to help!