Silk Mixed Flower Arrangements for Centerpieces

Compared to nature, our silk mixed flower arrangements for centerpieces are just as beautiful and breathtaking as the expensive real ones sold in floral shops. Used at weddings or to brighten up the home or office, a mixed floral arrangement for centerpieces is a showstopper. And the best part is you can cherish them forever. Blend other decorations into them to create a stunning look. Whatever your use, silk mixed floral centerpieces look and feel so real, even you'll have a hard time noticing.

Where Will You Put Your Artificial Mixed Flower Centerpieces?

Flowers brighten up a rainy or snowy day and raise spirits for everyone. Now you can have gorgeous mixed silk flower arrangement centerpieces wherever your imagination can think to put them.

  • Weddings make the perfect place for flowers, so why not put small silk mixed flower arrangements as centerpieces on each table to keep the joy flowing.
  • Home offers many unique ideas for the use of silk flower arrangements, from the dining room table to the remote office many of us use today. Why not bring a splash of color home?
  • The office is a fantastic place to spread some cheer by placing long-lasting silk floral arrangements on desks and in entryways.
  • Parties are another great place for silk mixed flower centerpieces. Adding just that piquant touch to a pleasant gathering of friends and family.

FAQs About Silk Mixed Flower Arrangements for Centerpieces

You have questions, we have answers. Scan below for answers to some of the more popular questions asked from customers just like you.

What Does Hand Wrapped Silk Mean?

Hand Wrapped flowers are very popular and high in quality. Attached to wires and bundled together with floral tape covering the stems, these represent the best of silk flowers.

How Do I Clean Silk Mixed Flower Arrangements Centerpieces?

We recommend taking a small inconspicuous leaf off the arrangement and rinsing it with tap water. If, after shaking it dry, it looks the same, take the arrangement outside and dust it. Cover the pot and filler with plastic and lightly spray the flowers with water. Shake the water off and let dry in the sun for a few hours. We recommend doing this every 3 to 6 months.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Receive My Mixed Floral Arrangement Centerpieces?

We offer several different shipping speeds, but our average domestic delivery is 4-10 business days. You can choose the speed you want when you are ready to check out.

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