Faux Flower Stems

Types of Silk Flower Stems

Faux flower stems come in several different varieties that allow you to find the best option suited for your needs. Read our complete guide below to ensure you're choosing the best type of silk flower stem for you.

Stem or Spray

Faux flower stems are usually found with one flower blossom. In other cases, they may have two blossoms and leaves. Unlike long-stemmed silk flowers, these are shorter in length – the stem length positions between 14 to 36-inches. A spray is almost the same as a stem, but the former generally have more blossoms of one flower variety alongside leaves. For artificial flowers the term is used loosely so either name is used to describe both. 


One characteristic that a cutting will share with stems and sprays is its short stem length. A cutting's length measures approximately 12 to 18 inches, and they usually come with medium to large blossoms. They are designed to ensure you never have to trim their stems. Cuttings are artificial stem flowers ideal for wedding centerpiece table arrangements. The term cutting is rarely used for artificial flowers as they are honestly also called flower stems or spray. If you ever need to make a hand-tied bridal bouquet, silk flower stems like cuttings will be perfect.

Bundle or Drop-in

A bundle or drop-in is an assembly of loose silk stems bundled sometimes with a short length of ribbon or twine. They contain either a single variety of flowers or an arranged selection of flowers and foliage. Sometimes they consist of only branches and foliage. Usually, you will find and bundle or drop-in already set by the manufacturer to their standards. If you want to arrange the flowers yourself, our designs make it easy. Bundles are long-stemmed silk flowers with lengths up to 40 inches. For an exemplary floral arrangement in your home or office, you can assemble a couple of bundles together. This will afford you a fuller bunch which are almost always more attractive. You can find many more with our silk flower bouquets


A silk floral pick is a ready-made assembly of flowers, berries, gourds, greenery, and fruits. Depending on what you order, there might be other items in the mix as well. The combination of these different items in little clusters is a lovely addition to any floral decoration project. You don't have to do much work with a pick, allowing you to save time and money while deriving optimal value. Unlike drop-ins or bundles, picks have short stems. They are rarely longer than 15 inches and can feature as accent items, like a feather pick.

Floral Bush

Like a floral pick and drop-in, a faux floral bush artificial stem flower is made by coordinating artificial foliage and flowers and grouping them as one entire stem. These are usually good for vases and bouquets too, as they are short in height. However they do have a non-decorative plug at the base designed to be inserted into a medium of your choice. Our flower bushes are located HERE.

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Whatever your ideal flower arrangement is, you can trust us to deliver the best. Get your faux flower stem bushes, picks, bundles of drop-ins, and cuttings from us today. We also provide single stem artificial stem flowers if that's what you require. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We love to help our customers.

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