Silk Orchids

When you arrange with silk orchids, you're arranging romance. That's because the natural, breathtaking beauty of our artificial orchids never fades. Unlike a real orchid, which fades and dries out, fake orchids are just as realistic but last a lifetime. Design a beautiful bridal bouquet with our artificial orchid flowers that any bride would be thrilled to carry down the aisle, or create gorgeous faux orchid centerpieces for your head table. With many colors and styles to choose from, you'll make silk orchid arrangements guests will be talking about for days.

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Artificial Orchid Stems Set the Tone

Elegance, versatility, simplicity and durability — that's what you'll get with our artificial orchid stems. Whether you use a bouquet with many colors or only a few, silk orchid stems stand out in a crowd. You can make handsome boutonnieres using dazzling artificial orchid flowers that the camera and bridal party will adore. With different faux orchid stems, you can create vases and planters or silk orchid glass arrangements for the offices and meeting rooms that your visitors and team will love.

Orchids offer exotic beauty not often found in houseplants, but this beauty can come with a hefty price tag followed by disappointment when they eventually begin to wilt. Silks Are Forever permanently captures the allure of the finest species of orchids in our silk orchid stems. With dozens of colors, stem types and lengths to choose from, let your creativity take over. Faux orchids are alluring and sprinkling a few into almost any arrangement will provide a WOW experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Orchids

We've gathered a few of the more common questions our customers have asked regarding faux orchid stems and other Silks Are Forever products.

What Can Silk Orchids and Other Flower Arrangements Be Used For?

Almost any occasion, if you're so inclined. You can place artificial orchid flowers in your home, office, place of worship, wedding venue — the possibilities are endless. Here are a few others:

  • Celebration Dinners
  • Proms and School Dances
  • Restaurants
  • Bridal and Tuxedo Stores

What Types of Fake Orchids Are There?

There are many stunning varieties of fake orchids, including:

  • Cattleya Orchid
  • Cymbidium Orchid
  • Dendrobium Orchid
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Swan Orchid
  • Vanda Orchid
  • And many more!

What's the Difference Between a Hand-Wrapped and Poly Silk Orchid?

Handwrapped silk orchids are all high-quality, realistic replicas attached to wires and bundled together. They're wrapped with paper floral tape on the stem to create a spray or bush. Standard polysilk flowers are the most common and can vary from economical to very realistic replicas.

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