Fake Roses for Silk Flower Sprays

When you want the ultimate in romance, our fake roses answer the bell. Actually, it's not fair to call them fake roses when they're so incredibly realistic. But these are silk roses you can cherish for a lifetime. With endless color combinations, create stunning silk rose arrangements for any occasion. Each silk rose stem has been meticulously designed to be as lifelike as possible. Planning your Valentine's Day party? Red silk roses are a must. But why not add other colors to create the perfect romantic ambiance? When set side by side with more expensive silk roses, ours look just as realistically beautiful. The only difference? Our silk roses are cheap only in price, not quality.

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1 2 3 4 5 6

Buy Silk Roses in Wholesale

With our price points offering you discounts on larger quantity purchases, you'll essentially be getting silk roses at wholesale prices. And roses go with anything — such a versatile and beloved flower. From whites to pinks, to reds, corals and eggplant, the color combinations are staggering. We have multi-rose and single-rose stems in dozens of variations. You can't always get this kind of quality and choice buying wholesale silk roses, but you can from us with our low prices. Design wedding bouquets, centerpieces, office pick-me-ups and home decorations to last a lifetime. Fake roses, indeed! Our meticulously crafted silk roses are so realistic, you'll only be able to tell because they never wilt and die.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fake Roses

We get a lot of questions about silk roses and our other products, and we'd like to offer some answers to them for you here. If you don't find your question or answer, feel free to contact us.

Do You Carry Glass Vases for My Silk Roses?

We sure do! Your silk roses would look stunning in one of our vases or planters. We carry glass vases in bullet, cylinder, square, tapered, round, footed and many more styles. They're traditionally sophisticated vases for single roses and many other flowers and arrangements.

Do You Carry Silk Cabbage Roses?

While our wide selection may change, we often have silk cabbage roses. The cabbage rose flower is a beautiful, versatile rose. We carry the most realistic colorful silk cabbage roses you'll find. Your gorgeous artificial cabbage rose will blend into many floral arrangements or stand alone to add a romantic touch to any decor.

How Are Your Silk Roses Measured?

Our silk roses are measured, unless otherwise stated, from the bottom of the pot to the outstretched tip. If the flowers are not potted, the measurement is from the bottom of the silk rose stem to the furthest point.

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