Artificial Succulent Plants

Revitalize the layout of your home or workspace by adding lovely, fake succulents. While they resemble real plants, our high-quality faux succulents do not require any water or regular maintenance to maintain their condition. These products can be added to various areas of your home, from your living room to your front porch. Regardless of where you decorate, our faux succulent arrangements can turn any space into your own private oasis. Check out our inventory below and order today!

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Why You Should Decorate With Faux Succulents

If you didn't already know, many types of decorative plants are fairly expensive, especially once you start buying them in bundles. Maintaining these plants is a whole other story. Silk plants like fake succulent plants, however, look just as magnificent and can last many years without fading or weathering. Another thing to consider is the fact that real succulent plants can be knocked over and ruined by pets. They may even be a hazard to your children, especially cacti. But, when you use a fake cactus or other faux succulent plant, you can put your stress aside knowing that your loved ones can't harm or be harmed by artificial succulent plants.

FAQ for Fake Succulents

Are you interested in adding an artificial cactus to your home? Or what about a fake echeveria plant? We're happy to contribute to the excitement by offering a plethora of wonderful faux cactus and other succulent options. However, we understand that you may have some questions that are leaving you hesitant before making a purchase. Don't worry about it — we're eager to help. Check out some of our frequently asked questions about artificial succulent plants below or contact us today with further inquiries.

Do Your Fake Succulents Come With a Base?

Yep! Aside from one of our agave artificial plant packs, all of our fake succulents arrive planted in a base. There's no need to buy an additional pot unless you need to modify the aesthetic of the plant to match the rest of the room.

Can I Place My Faux Succulents Outside?

Whether you're decorating with a faux cactus, sedum or other item, placing faux succulents outside is allowed. However, doing so poses two major risks: the potential of being damaged by the elements or fading due to constant, direct sunlight. Unless the plant is UV-proof, we advise leaving it inside.

How Many Fake Succulents Do You Sell Per Pack?

Instead of ordering fake succulents one at a time, we offer options for our customers to purchase these products in multiple amounts. Our sets range from as low as 4 or 6 plants to packs of 12.

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