Artificial Greenery

Stems and greenery are great when creating centerpieces or decorating a living space or working area. This often works best if you use artificial greenery and leaves. And for your silk greenery, you have Silks Are Forever.

We have several faux branches and artificial leaves at our store. From bamboo stems to orchid leaves to twigs, we have them all.

You can use them as decorative pieces or buy many of them and arrange them as a beautiful green centerpiece. They can also serve in other home decorating ideas when used with other flower stems or on their own.

At Silks Are Forever, our No. 1 priority has been and will always be our customers. We’ve streamlined every part of our service to ensure that our customers get the best silk artificial greenery and plants at the best prices with the least hassle.

Realistic Reproductions

Although we sell faux greenery stems and silk leaves, your visitors and guests don’t need to know that you're not displaying live plants. Our job is to make our customers get the most realistic artificial greenery possible and that it stays that way for as long as possible. For example, our silk artificial greenery and artificial leaves will be able to stay with you for many years if they’re kept indoors.

No Maintenance for Your Artificial Leaves and Faux Branches

Unlike other potted plants that you need to water, prune and care for, our artificial greenery can be displayed and left alone. There’s no need to take special care of them.

Silk Greenery Is Durable

As we said above, we must give our customers the best quality they can get. This often reflects in our long-lasting products. A lot of our silk artificial greenery can last for many years. Some are sturdy enough to stay with you for a lifetime.


Our faux greenery stems and silk leaves are available in different colors, giving you many more options to choose from to create whatever bouquet or centerpiece you envision.

Why You Should Buy From Silks Are Forever

Now that you know the advantages of buying our artificial greenery, let’s focus on the benefits of buying artificial greenery with Silks Are Forever.

Great Prices That Save You Money

Because we sell at wholesale prices, you get to buy cheaper than you would from other shops. We also sell our products in bulk, so you always get extra.


If you’re unsatisfied with the artificial greenery you received, you can return the product within seven days of delivery. This is on the condition that your order is not custom-made and that your product and complaint meet the guidelines explained within our return policy.

Customer Care

We take special care to understand your problems and develop viable solutions for you within the shortest possible period. There’s no need to go through delays and quality issues before purchasing your artificial greenery. Shop at Silks Are Forever to get your high-quality artificial stems at the best prices.

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