Artificial Outdoor Plants, Beautiful and Long Lasting

When searching for artificial outdoor plants, many people desire beauty and durability. Depending on where you live, you may have heavy sun exposure or cold and snow in winter. And that's where outdoor artificial plants win the day. Or should we say, "Days?" Our high-quality faux outdoor plants can and do last a long time without the hassle of watering and weeding. And their beauty is sublime.

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We Have Your Perfect Outdoor Artificial Plants

Whether you're shopping for outdoor artificial plants for the first time or adding to a growing landscape, you'll find all you need right here. From flowers to outdoor greenery plants, the possibilities are nearly endless. We also carry artificial outdoor plants that are water-resistant and others that are UV-resistant or UV-proof. When choosing UV artificial plants, it's important to know the difference. UV proof has been infused with UV inhibitors that delay fading for five years, but if you live in a cold clime, UV-resistant may be the ticket.

How to Choose Artificial Plants for Outdoors

The first thing to consider when choosing an outdoor artificial plant is to know what you like. What colors and styles do you prefer in nature? If it exists in the real world, Silks Are Forever has duplicated it to the tiniest detail. Do you like ornamental grasses? We have those, too. Once you know what you like, it's time to check on a few details, such as:

  • How many artificial outdoor plants you'll need.
  • How much green vs. colorful flowers you'd like.
  • Should you get an artificial tree or a topiary?
  • How much you'd like to budget for this project.

Artificial Plants for Outdoors FAQ's

Below, you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

Are Outdoor Silk Plants Really Made of Silk?

While made of silk over a hundred years ago, the industry-standard term "silk" is used today to describe many different kinds of fake flowers and plants. Now, polyester and other manmade materials are used to perfection in mimicking the real thing.

How Long Will Artificial Plants for Outdoors Last?

A great question! Weather, especially a sunny climate, will deteriorate the materials causing fading. The best place to put your faux outdoor plants is in shaded areas. Some of our outdoor plants are UV resistant (1 year of no fading) or UV proof (5 years). Compare the cost of replacing outdoor artificial plants vs. caring for real vegetation and you'll see the true value in outdoor silk plants.

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