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Planters and Vases

Purchasing a beautiful silk flower arrangement or palm tree is exciting, especially when you redecorate or want to refresh a room or space. Investing in a planter or vase is more than simply finding a place to install your artifical grass plants and greenery, silk plant or set of flowers. It’s a decorative piece that’s both functional and artistic.

Choose Your Style – Modern or Traditional Planters?

You’ll be surprised by the sheer number of materials, styles and sizes of planters available to you. We offer decorative planters in cement, aluminum, basket, bamboo, ceramic and clay. We feature glass plant vases in various styles, from a simple, sleek look to a more decorative, detailed appearance.

Cement Planters are Perfect for Outdoors and High-Traffic Spaces

If your work or living space is busy, you’ll want a minimalist, durable planter that isn’t prone to damage. Cement is an ideal choice, and styles vary from simple, smooth finishes or patterns to painted exteriors and mixed materials combining glass with cement.

Aluminum Planters are Shiny and Excellent for Modern Spaces

The shiny gloss of aluminum is ideal for modern designs and minimalist spaces or studios. You’ll find this medium works for virtually every style of silk areca plant. These planters are also available in several styles that mix classic with modern.

Ceramic Planters Offer a Wide Range of Styles and Colors

If you want to choose from a large selection of designs, colors and shapes, you’ll love ceramic planters. They offer the delicate appearance of a plant vase, suitable for large flowers and plants. They are excellent decorative planters and make a positive impression anywhere.

FAQs about Decorative Planters and Vases

If you need some guidance in choosing the perfect planter or vase for your silk floral or plant, you’ll find common questions and answers addressed below.

Is There a Recommended Style of Planter for a Large and Tall Silk Plant?

Plant pots and plant vases vary considerably in size, which should correlate to the size and fullness of your chosen plant or floral arrangement.

How Durable are Plant Pots?

Plant pots are generally high-quality and made to last. If you want the most durable option, cement and aluminum are the best. Baskets are lightweight and easily portable, while heavier, sturdier materials are best in high-traffic areas where wear and tear are more likely, such as cement.

Which Planters are Most Eco-Friendly?

Bamboo planters are among the most eco-friendly materials used. The material is also lightweight and available in a variety of muted, natural and earthy tones. You’ll find these planters fit into almost every space, from modern and sleek to rustic and vintage.

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