Indoor and Outdoor Fiberglass Jay Scotts Planters

Hand-crafted, beautiful fiberglass Jay Scotts planters are the perfect signature products for unique decor. The Jay Scotts Collection offers a fantastic selection of signature pieces for both indoor silk plants and outdoor plants. You’ll love the variety of styles and sizes to fit your assortment of plants and silk flowers.

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Jay Scotts Single Pieces and Planter Sets

Choose from a single, minimalist planter for a unique blend of silk plants or a collection of matching planters along a wide corridor or meeting room. You’ll find Jay Scotts fiberglass planters for sale in a wide range of colors, so you can select a muted tone to blend in with your space or a bold color to make your silk plant arrangement "pop."

Customize Your Fiberglass Jay Scotts Planter

Do you have a specific hue to customize your planter’s color? We customize your Jay Scotts planters with your choice of paint color, so you can accurately match a distinct decor or style in your home or office.

A Highly Versatile Product

Jay Scotts Collection is not only highly durable and offered in a wide range of styles and colors, but the products offered are also versatile. Jay Scotts fiberglass outdoor planters are finished with a UV-protected finish so that you can display your beautiful plant arrangement outdoors with confidence.

Make a Bold, Signature Statement

Your office or home space will never look like anywhere else. There are plenty of ways to customize your Jay Scotts fiberglass planters, from selecting a designer paint color to the shape and size. The variety is comprehensive and offers a solution to every space and room.

FAQs About Jay Scotts Fiberglass Planters for Sale

The Jay Scotts Collection is an exciting brand with seemingly limitless varieties, styles, sizes and colors. You’ll likely have a few questions about making your custom choice before you invest in a durable, beautiful set of planters, and you’ll find answers below.

Should I Consult an Interior Designer for Custom Projects When Selecting a Jay Scotts Planter?

If your goal is to match a Jay Scotts planter to a custom project with specific colors and design, an interior designer or consultant can provide you with specifications to make your custom order easy. Before you finalize your order, we recommend reviewing all your options first, as you may find more than one solution for your interior or exterior space.

Is There Any Risk of Damage to Flooring With Jay Scotts Planters?

Generally, you’ll find all Jay Scotts planters fit well with indoor flooring. If you have a high gloss finish or tiling, you may want to review your options carefully, just in case. Heavier planters are best for durable flooring and outdoor displays.

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